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Why Cardio Exercises Remain The Best?

Most of us now are becoming conscious of our health. We gradually realize that health is wealth and that living a healthy life makes us more positive, happy and young.

Apart from proper diet, one of the smartest choices to stay healthy is to exercise regularly. Most of us aspire to lose weight and be fit. Despite our busy schedules, we find time to go to the gym and hit the treadmill.

When we plan for our work out, it is important that we include cardiovascular exercises. It is very effective not just in losing weight, but in keeping optimum body performance.

Cardiovascular exercises are movements that increase heart rate and improve blood circulation throughout the body. There are various forms and methods of cardio exercises that promise specific health benefits.

Why is cardio important?

It is vital for an individual to perform cardio exercises every day. It does not just allow you to shred those fats faster, but it provides a lot of health benefits.

Improves Heart Health

Cardio Improves Heart Health

The most used organ and muscle in the body during cardio is the heart. By doing cardio, it allows the heart to pump at a faster rate to keep up with the demands of the body.

Just like any muscles, our heart needs to work harder in order for it to become stronger. If it fails to work, it will weaken which may lead to heart failure and other diseases.

Stimulates Metabolism

Stimulates Metabolism

According to research, cardio exercises will help you consume more oxygen and make your cell powerhouses to work harder to burn energy.

This internal activity boosts our metabolism. Thus, the more intense your cardio session is, the more your metabolic rate to increase. Love supplements to lose weight? See these tips.

Speeds Up Recovery Ability


Usually, when we perform intense workout, we experience DOMS (delayed onset of muscle soreness). By performing cardio exercises, we can help our body to recover better and faster.

Cardio exercises help remove some of the by-products caused by intense workouts. Learn more about top supplements.

Apart from these health benefits, doing cardio exercises can also improve our blood circulation and the hormonal profile in our body.

Moreover, cardio exercises increase our endurance, burns more calories, contributes to mental health and decreases our risk to certain diseases, especially diabetes.

What are the best cardio exercises?

There are plenty of cardio exercises that you can choose from. They can be done in the gym or at the outdoors. There are some cardio work outs that do not just work your heart but can also involve other muscles for maximum strength training.

High-Intensity Interval Training

Enhance Intense Workout

HIIT involves series of drills including, sprints, lunges, squats, and speed skaters with short periods of rest in between. HIIT is one of the most intense aerobic exercises that provide maximal fat burning effect and boost metabolism. Apart from the 500 calories that HIIT can burn in at least 7 high-octane workouts, it can also create an after-burn effect which can increase calorie burn for up to 48 hours.



Running is the most common cardio exercise that you can do either on a treadmill or outside with nature. Running is a great way to lose body fat and improve heart health.

It also increases bone mass, particularly, it improves knee health. Running can burn 600 calories per hour.



Swimming is a perfect aerobic exercise that improves your heart health and works the body’s main muscle groups. It allows you to exercise in a weightless environment (water). Swimming is also a good exercise for your lungs. Swimming can burn calories depending on your styles and strokes. But more or less, it can burn 600 calories per hour.


Cardio Cycling

Cycling is as effective as running, expect that it works more of your lower muscle groups. You can do cycling on a stationary bike or hit the road with your bike. Cycling improves fitness and athletic performance. It is also effective in carving definition in your frontal quad muscles. It can burn up to 600 calories per hour.

Jumping Rope

Jumping Rope

Jumping rope is one of the high-impact activities that promise great benefits if done properly. It can also work your upper muscle groups and can prevent you from acquiring osteoporosis.

Jumping rope also allows you to develop strength, stamina, and speed. Jumping rope burns 1000 calories per hour.

Apart from these choices, you can explore other cardio exercises. It is best if you ask the opinion of fitness trainers as they can provide you better work out methods suitable for your needs.

Cardio Helps Oveall Fitness
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The Best Weight Loss Supplements Contain These Ingredients

One of our ultimate goals is to be physically fit. Apart from being hot and sexy, we aspire to be comfortable with our every move. By becoming fit, we become more confident.

The journey towards fitness is not easy. It requires hours of working out in the gym. However, there are a lot of weight loss supplements that can aid you in losing those pounds.

The question is: “What supplement will I buy?”

It’s easy! Any brand of fitness supplements will do…as long as it contains at least one of these top ingredients that guarantee you optimum weight loss, fitness lean body physique effects:


Ingredients for Protein Powder

High protein intake reduces appetite and stimulates metabolism. It also changes several hormones that regulate our body weight. According to a study, adding protein to your diet helps you shred those fats instantly.


Natural L-Carnitine

L-Carnitine is a special amino acid which helps in the release of fatty acids in the body that will be transformed into energy. According to study, L-Carnitine offers optimum fat burning results. It also stimulates metabolism.

Conjugated Linoleic Acid

CLA is a fatty acid that is proven and tested to preserve lean body mass while reducing body fat. CLA affects two enzymes – one that breaks down fat from cells and the other that breaks fats in the blood.

Green Tea

Green Tea Formula

Green tea, especially when combined with caffeine is an effective fat buster. It contains EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) that increases metabolism. One study showed that 7.7 pounds can be lost by taking green tea extracts for 12 weeks.


Capsicum Supplement

Do you want to be hot and sexy? Eat something hot and spicy. Capsicum is found in over 200 plants including chili peppers.

They contain capsaicinoids, a polyphenol responsible for increasing the release of energy from body fats and melting those fats away.

So if you are planning to buy weight loss supplements to ramp up your exercises, check if one of these top diet ingredients is present.